Service Design insights from Manuhuia Barcham and Nodin Cutfeet

These two talks were given as a set of workshop activities shared with Eugenia Bertulis’ third-year interaction design students later in their service design project work. Manuhuia and Nodin discussed practices for strategic service design approaches as well as detail design at executional phases of service design projects. The work helped designers see, compare, and resist colonial/modernist UX defaults and influenced visual design, experiential design, as well as structural design strategies.

In this 20 minute talk, Manuhuia Barcham introduces ideas from his paper “Towards a radically inclusive design – indigenous story-telling as codesign methodology”. (link:
In this 15 minute talk, Nodin Cutfeet talks about Service Design in strategy and detail development in his work building of a not-for-profit learning platform for indigenous youth,