Fruitcake Press


Fruitcake is an independent queer publishing initiative that exists within a constant state of flux and disorientation. Born out of the belief that within the conflict of disorientation lies great potential, Fruitcake pulls on queer and feminist theories to support this ideology. All Fruitcake projects accept and welcome failure, open dialogue, and respectful critique through queer design, art, and writing. Fruitcake aims to publish works that engage in a critical reimagining of self to contribute to a more inclusive understanding of the world that we live in.

Josh Singler (BDes, MDes) considers his practice and philosophy as a queer designer and educator to be non-hierarchal, collaborative, messy, and it often invites inspiration from unexpecting places. Josh situates his practice somewhere in-between design activism and design for social innovation and emphasizes an examination of the role that one’s identity has in facilitating design possibilities outside of the straight white cis man’s design world. Through a reflexive design approach he aims to use his practice to challenge an industry that has long negated opportunities to examine the power of queer, feminist, and other marginalized voices.

See Fruitcake Press Presentation (October 2020)

Josh holds his Master’s in Design [MDes] from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and his BDes [Hons] from York University and Sheridan College’s YSDN Program. As a communication designer, Josh has focused his research and training in print media, book/publication, and typography. He is currently a designer at OUTtv Network, “the world’s first and Canada’s only television network focusing on programming of interest to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender audience and its allies.”

Fruitcake Press is a Satellite x DESIS project, a five-month residency in partnership with the Shumka Centre for student-led project teams to develop major sustainability and social innovation projects. Residents have access to studio space, mentorship, peer support and funding toward the goal of initiating events, programs, or community partnerships; developing products or services; or starting studios, collectives, agencies or non-profits.