Vegetable Talks

Student researcher: Reyhan Yazdani
Faculty collaborator: Louise St. Pierre

Vegetable Talk is a project that tries to find and cherish everyday conversations through the simple gesture of collectively preparing vegetables for the table. This workshop is part of Reyhan Yazdani’s ongoing research project and the following documentation is from the first iteration. These workshops reference Iranian women’s communal activity of preparing vegetables together as a way to grow their friendships and to build a spiritual support system for one another.

This social engagement workshop can operate in different scales; as small as two-person engagement, as large as a public event.

The goal of the project is to acknowledge human life as a social experience that needs extra attention and time in today’s fast-paced world. It invites participants to slow down, put away electronic devices, wash their hands and to enjoy the stillness of an hour in conversation with others who are living/working/studying with them while preparing vegetables.

Participants leave the event with a small bag of vegetables for their soups, salads, or meals as well as the joy of an hour sharing, learning and talking with others.