2018 DESIS Scholar: Reyhaneh Yazdani

Reyhaneh is an architect, designer and researcher whose experience design-based work addresses concerns in the areas of: social equality, democratic design and cultural empowerment. Her creative-social practice aims to challenge public perception as well as incite social change.
Her current research explores the intangible quality of food-based design encouraging critical conversations, social engagement and cross-cultural relationships in the contemporary political climate.

The DESIS Scholarship is awarded to a graduate student who develops research in line with the theories and objectives of the DESIS Lab at Emily Carr University, and plays a supportive role in DESIS lab events throughout the academic year. The DESIS Scholar has direct access to DESIS Lab faculty and resources.

2016/17 DESIS Scholar: Natalia Franca

Natalia Gomes Franca’s research was centered on theories of empathy and how empathetic communication helps communities collaborate and grow. Her research paper, ‘Sensory Storytelling’, documents her participatory research into non-verbal ways for people to understand one another’s emotional states. This paper was accepted at the Cumulus 2016 Conference in Hong Kong. While at Cumulus, Natalia was also able to represent the Emily Carr DESIS Lab at the DESIS Assembly Hong Kong 2016. As our representative, she presented a project from the Emily Carr DESIS lab to an international gathering of DESIS labs. Her final thesis, Sensory Cards: Fostering Empathy and Connection within Community Groups can be found at (http://ecuad.arcabc.ca/islandora/object/ecuad%253A12928).